Specialising in helping people lose weight, improve health and change lives for a happier future, Tom is a personal trainer with a proven track record.

"I just had my cholesterol tests and liver tests back following a series of sessions with Tom and for the first time in years I have normal NOT high cholesterol, and no liver problems.” - Tim Fernback

As a personal trainer, expert nutritionist, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, and qualified coach, Tom has been able to help hundreds of people transform their lives through his programmes.

“Getting healthy has been made complex, confusing and something which seems unattainable by the media, but it’s actually very simple and easy. I truly believe anyone can regain their health no matter where they currently are and they can have fun while they do it,” explains Tom.

The HIIT EFFECTS group programme and Health & Fitness Mentoring Program both feature three essential things at their core that drive success:  

1.      Training plans that suit individual need

2.      Nutrition that works in everyday life

3.      Support and accountability

“It’s great to have someone who I can speak to or message whenever I have queries on food choices, and he’s always very quick to reply!”

Ragin Shah