"Fun, friendly, social environment while still pushing my physical limits” - Vish

“I love the workout itself, the variability of the workouts & the friendliness of Tom and other people” - James

"Activities are fun and varied focusing on all the components of fitness. All the class members are lovely too!” - Molly


"I work harder than i would do in a gym and its fun.” - Adam

"I have notice major improvement I'm fitter and generally healthier feeling more active. and being part of this I'm more aware of what I'm eating and trying to have a better diet!!” - Rosh

"Great camaraderie intense work out” - Rich


"It pushes my body to the limits, I feel it's more manageable and easier than pumping it out at a gym. I feel my body gets more of a full body workout”- Denise

"The atmosphere is good and everyone gives 100% (at the session anyway!)” - Damian

"The comedy factor and also feel good after and motivated” - Tim


"Great fun atmosphere. Lots of variety. Accountability” - Neil

"I don't have to think about what exercises to do. All I have to do is turn up, and train and with the monthly feed back I can see where I'm improving” - Tom

"I've been to another boot camp company in the area it was full of giggly ladies who where not taking it seriously so it was hard to fit in. Here I feel comfortable with the people around me” - Arti