Vish approached me a while ago wanting to lose some weight. Over the last few years he had been steadily putting on the pounds and he knew that if he didn’t do something about it, it would only get worse.

He is a family man, a company director and a self confessed workaholic, so he was concerned about having enough time to train.

We had a chat and got started with some basic diet changes and a simple exercise plan. As the weeks went by, I worked with Vish to improve his diet slowly and improve his fitness levels….

…..and the weight just fell off!!

He went from 29% body fat down to 12.5%!!




In just two and a half months Tim managed to loose 2 stone 4 pounds through the HIIT Effects Program.

All he did was to come to all three of the weekly HIIT Effects sessions, follow the nutrition guide and the weight just dropped of. 

As you can see from the photos he looks like a totally different person!!! 

He also experienced other amazing health benefits as the below message I received from him tells you….

"I just had my cholesterol tests/liver tests back and for the 1st time in years I have normal NOT high cholesterol and no liver probs!! Put that in ya pipe n smoke it!!”

Tim continues to part of the HIIT EFFECT crew and continues to loose more weight, improving his health and changing his life style for the better…..he even went running on his last holiday!!!




Over the last few years, Rich had put on weight from eating, drinking and not exercising. He knew if he left it any longer it would only get worse.

He has his own demanding business and personal life so we worked out an exercise plan that he could fit into his week. 

We also changed his diet focusing on natural, single item foods.

He has (so far) lost 3 and bit stone and as you can see looks like a different person!!!!

He was still able to enjoy the odd night on the beer and a two week all inclusive holiday while achieving this which goes to show you don’t need to give up everything to get the results.




My brother Joe has struggled with his weight all his life. At the age of 36 he was nearly 20 stone and not happy with the way he looked and felt. The morning after his 37th birthday he woke up with a hangover and decided something needed to change. 

We worked together to change up his diet and implement some simple workouts around his work schedule. 

Over the course of 7 months Joe lost 7 stone in weight. His life totally changed and it was amazing to see, especially as he is my bro!




Although some might think his results are slow, for me Krish embodies my philosophy of long term change and creating lasting habits.

He’s learnt so much in the last 6 months and continues to learn and learn off his own back.

So much so that I have google ready sometimes when we do our weekly consultation just to look up what he’s talking about!

He has done great and I KNOW he will continue to get results. 89KG by his sisters wedding is the next target……sorry Krish the world knows
it now so you will have to hit that target;)

I started with Tom in October 2015 after weighing in at a whopping 120kg! And 7 months later I weigh 105kg. 

I've used plenty of PT's at my local gym in the  past but for me what makes Tom stand head and shoulders above the rest is he has tailored my workout plan and nutrition to cater for me (and not the garden variety diet plans you get with other trainers). 

He's taken the time to get  to know me as a person which has made it easier  for me to stick to the plan and has enabled me to not only improve on my health but also my knowledge of nutrition and fitness.

As Tom always likes to say to me 'Step outside your comfort zone.' Without doing so you'll never be able to achieve the goals you set for
yourself and plus it's a great feeling to be held accountable by yourself and someone else for your goals.

He's kept me motivated when I've plateaued and he's also pushed me to work harder to achieve my goals. I mean what did I have to lose?Except a couple excess kilos.




Normally I ask my clients for testimonials but while I was away on holiday I received the below email from my client Ragin. Ragin is on my Health & Fitness Mentoring Program and has smashed it!

I won't say much more as Ragin tells you everything you need to know in his email. 


Hi Tom,

Just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your help, guidance and positive attitude.

I have now been on the online weight loss programme for exactly 3 months and thought it would be good time to share some of my progress and thoughts:

Lost 15.5kg in 3 months. My wife who has also been following this has lost 8kg.

Training has been tough but equally good fun and you’ve changed it often enough so I don’t get bored and I keep pushing myself.

Eating habits have vastly changed and I’m eating mostly natural food and avoiding processed as much as I can. Also, much more aware of portion control.

Cheat day (well mostly a cheat meal) has helped with the occasional craving for pizza!

It’s great to have someone that I can speak to or message whenever for any queries or pictures of food choices etc…..always very quick to reply!

I've had a couple of stumbling blocks along the way and it’s been good to talk to you on this and how to quickly move forward (which has always worked).

Completing the accountability form and having our weekly chat on Friday is motivation to ensure I make the right food choices and maintain training to get the results I want. Having accountability to someone that isn’t family or a close friend is definitely better as the excuses simply don’t wash as easily J





"Over the years, I had slowly been putting on weight, then losing it with a diet, and then putting the weight back on again plus a little bit more. I recent turned 40 and was aware that, whilst my base diet wasn’t bad, it was supplemented with a packet of chocolate fingers here, a couple of pieces of cake there etc etc. Also, I had a very sedentary lifestyle (apart from running after three kids!).

I bumped into Tom at the Oxhey Village Fayre, had a quick chat with him, and picked up a leaflet for the Bootcamp. I subscribed to Tom’s mailing list and saw that he also offered a health and fitness mentoring programme. I signed up for this, and to be honest it was the best thing I have done for years!

The key to programme is that it’s not a diet, and it’s not a series of massive gym sessions. It’s all about eating natural food with portion control (and also having a cheat day/meal). The exercise programmes were tailored to me and my routine – it did mean I had to get out of bed about 20 mins earlier and be a bit more efficient in the morning, but after a couple weeks you get used to it. Tom mixes up the routines so it’s always challenging and never boring. I never thought I could do so many press-ups!

The best bit, however, are the weekly calls to check progress and give advice. I’m the kind of person who needs to be held accountable – and for me this is the difference between this and any other weight loss method. Every week, I knew I would be speaking to Tom, so that kept me honest and accountable with myself. Tom was able to talk about the challenges in the past week, what was coming up in the week, and how best to navigate any difficult situations. Tom’s key bit advice was “plan, or plan to fail” – I’ve even used that phrase at work now!

So over the 8 week programme, I lost 10 lbs. And that time included 2 business trips abroad, and a stag do (during which time I didn’t hold back!). As importantly, I feel much more energetic, I enjoy feeling fitter, and I’ve taken up badminton again after about 15 years.

I can’t recommend the programme highly enough. Tom’s a top guy and he’ll help you get results.





Rita's STORY

Dear Tom,

I would like to thanks you for the personal health and fitness training which you gave me.

Following your initial assessment, you created a bespoke six week programme for me combining fitness training and dietary guidance.

You were there to support me with weekly training sessions and by email between sessions. You held me accountable and even made me send you photos of the food I had

The result of all this was that I achieved my target of losing one stone in body weight, increased my physical fitness and body tone.

The guidance which you provided has now become a strong foundation upon which I can  further build on my health and fitness.

I would hesitate to recommend you to anyone else who could benefit from your expertise.


Rita Bagga.



"In Nov 2014, I weighed in at 92KG. In 9 months working by myself I managed to reduce my weight down to 87KG. In the 7 weeks I have been training with Tom my weight is now down to 82KG. The lightest I've been in 20 years!!!" - Danny








After Sean's wife had a baby, Sean realised he needed to do something about his health. Between running a business and being a family man means that he doesn't have much time for training and his nutrition knowledge was fairly "limited". 

I worked out some simple to apply food "rules" and a training plan to fit around his work and family commitments.

In 8 weeks he lost a stone, had more energy, slept better and felt less stressed.