health & fitness mentoring program

Do any of these sound familiar to you…

- You’re a man aged between 30-40 years old and you are not happy with your current weight and health

- You used to be fit but since turning 30 you have been packing on the pounds. 

- You might train or go to the gym but aren’t getting any results and you aren’t sure why.

- You feel aimless and find it hard to stay motivated with keeping healthy.

- You know things need change otherwise your health is only going to get worse!


Well if any of those issues sound like you then My Health & Fitness Mentoring Program is right for you!

The Health & Fitness Mentoring Program is a personalised training and nutrition program built around your life to deliver the result you want. 

I view it in the same way as people bringing in a consultant to their business. You know the basics, maybe you are even an expert, but something is not working and you can not work out why. They come in, can look at the business objectively and make changes to get a result.

I do the same but with weight loss. I get a snap shot of your life via our consultation, build a nutrition and exercise plan that fits around your life, hold you accountable, measure and review. 

I have had amazing results for my clients on this program. Check out the success stories for what you can expect!

Because I pride myself on getting clients results I only take a limited number of clients at any time. The program is therefore by application only, please fill in the below form to apply:

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